New beginnings are a scary thing. Often you imagine the failing and rarely the success. But not start at all?

Will and the Fox is a new beginning for Wieland Mikolajczyk. A fresh start that needed ten years. What take so long? Fear. Excuses. Detours.

It took a long time. A very long time. An identity crisis long. Doubts grew. The music was not a friend anymore. Not a support. Not a relief. It just was there because it was there before.

But now Will and the Fox are here. With curiosity. With energy. With fun.

This plus ten years of detours which left their footprint in the music. Indiepop and singer-songwriter are displayed in the foreground. But now then there is a hint of French chanson. From time to time you can spot a Latin rhythm. And there are references to western music.

So a new beginning. With detours. With new joy.